Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Murphy's Law

Sorry it's been a while since my last blog. I confess I have been too busy laughing at nut jobs who think that there are Defence personnel out there who would be concerned about army wives squabbling on Facebook.


So before I get the giggles again I am going to rant about some dude named Murphy and his stupid freaking law. 

I live a fairly normal, drama free life. That is until my husband is away. Whether he is deployed, out bush or on a course, as soon as he leaves, old Murphy* and his law drop in and bring with them plenty of chaos. "What's that?" he says, "Your kids have been healthy all year? Well time for a bout of explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting! You didn't really like those curtains anyway did you?". Okay so the kids are sick and I'm on my own. No problems. I've done this before! Sleep is overrated anyway. I'm just happy our brand new car is reliable and I won't have any issues driving them to the doctor. "Wrong!" exclaims Murphy. "What you really want is a computer glitch so your car won't start!" And just when you think everything is humming along nicely... you hear Murphy shout "Someone has skimmed your credit card and the bank has cancelled it. BOOM!" Okay great. It will only take 3 days till I have access to my own money again :-/

After what seems like an eternity, hubby arrives home and Murphy and his law mysteriously vanish. Ah...how's the serenity? No sickness, no problems and everything runs smoothly.

Bugger. But now hubby is annoying me and I'm secretly looking forward to that next bush trip. Hopefully I will make it through without having Murphy pay us a visit.

Until next time,


*Please note that in my mind, Murphy sounds like the prize announcer on the Price is Right so to get the full effect of this post, that is how you should read this :-P

Monday, 11 June 2012

True Colours

So I have tried to refrain from rehashing all the drama from Facebook groups in my last couple of posts but I can't hold back any longer!

A while ago I wrote a post about how some women had these super bitchy and tough online alter egos when in real life they were demure and quiet. (if you want to read said post you can do so here!) Over the past 6 months or so there have been a few women on my radar who are the complete opposite of this. They are all sunshine and rainbows in some groups and then in others they are completely arseholic! I love seeing a good debate in groups but it really grinds my gears when random people jump into a conversation and start attacking people when it is quite clear to everyone else reading it that they obviously did not know the background story. I was surprised to see 2 people who have a totally different persona on other groups, straight out attack peoples' characters and looks! 

But I think it is the 'victims' of these bi-polar arsehats who are having the last laugh. While everyone is out enjoying their long weekend, the arsehats are apparently spending their time sitting around having coffee and talking about you and how much better they are. (And yes, I see the irony, here I am blogging about such arsehats on my long weekend lol!)

Until next time,


Monday, 4 June 2012

Location, location, location!

When the topic of different posting locations comes up I am always amused by the passionate discussions that can arise. I find it quite funny that people can have such varying opinions of the one location.

Some of the most commonly complained about locations, and their so-called 'problems' are:
Singleton - boring hell hole.
Darwin - backwards place with no good shopping.
Brisbane - full of bitchy, cliquey wives.
Puckapunyal - a very small community where you can't fart without everyone knowing about it.

Now these are not my opinions of those locations, it is just what I have heard. Although my husband was posted to one of those locations and from my experience there, I tend to somewhat agree with it's 'reputation' [cough Brisbane cough]. But in saying that, I wouldn't necessarily go around telling everyone that it was awful. I actually enjoyed our time there. And that was a while ago now so most of those 'bitches' have probably moved on and are now terrorising another location lol.

One tip for you all - if you know that a particular person hated a certain location, DO NOT ask them for advice on schools, suburbs etc! Their tainted view of the place often leads to inaccurate information. I have actually corrected someone when they were saying that X suburb was soooooo far away from Y base when in reality it was a short trip.

I also really hate it when you hear someone using their location as an excuse for their problems. Grrr I just want to shake these people sometimes! Living in a particular location does not automatically make you a psycho woman! You obviously have some issues that need to be dealt with but do not blame the community around you. Sorry. Bit of a random vent there. I'll get back to my point :-)

I guess what I am trying to say is, don't take all these opinions as gospel. I was a bit worried about coming to my current location but now that I am here I am LOVING IT!!  And any place is only going to be as good as you make it. So if you put the effort in to get out and make friends and get to know your area, chances are you will have fun in Singleton, or find a great shoe shop in Darwin, or make some great friends in Brisbane and maybe .... umm... learn to fart silently in Pucka :-P

Until next time,