Sunday, 15 January 2012

Are we there yet?

I used to love road trips. I was quite happy to sit in the car for hours on end, eat crappy food from dodgy servos and sing along to the radio at the top of my lungs. Sadly, the things I used to love about road trips are now the reasons why I dread traveling long distances in the car. And those of you who have traveled with kids will understand why.

Now, instead of listening to the radio, I am listening to Master 4 sing along to 'Champagne Showers' with his headphones on and Master 2 saying "Mummy?" every few seconds followed by some unintelligible question or comment to which I can only respond with "mmmm yes." Then in between those sounds I have my husband asking me to clean his sunglasses or pass him a drink.

Suitable snacks for a road trip are now an issue. Gone are the days of quickly grabbing a chicko roll and jumping back in the car. Now we have to stop somewhere with suitable food and appropriate baby changing facilities. And there is no such thing as a quick pit stop with young kids. Just getting them out of the car is an ordeal. Someone always manages to have lost at least one of their shoes since getting in (I honestly don't know how that happens!) and you have to make sure you take in enough nappies/wipes/bottles etc. It becomes a major operation!

Now instead of sitting back and enjoying the scenery, I am breaking up fights, twisting my body in abnormal directions to pick up dropped toys and trying to determine whether the sounds/smells coming from Miss 8 months' nappy is just wind or a number 2. So is it any wonder that I am the one who ends up asking "are we there yet?"

Until next time,



  1. LMAO!!!! This was me a month ago!! Still trying to untwist my back! Best investment ever was DVD players.. with headphones, and the Wizard of OZ on repeat.
    Loving your blog.. Keep it up!

  2. Soooo true! DVD players are a wonder but there is still plenty of "all of the above" to completely exhaust you even though you are sitting down. Thnaks for the chuckle!!!!