Wednesday, 14 March 2012

**REVISED EDITION** Things Facebook has taught me about Army Wives

Hopefully if you are a regular reader of my blog (hi Mum!) you will have seen one of my first posts which was about the types of army wives on Facebook. Due to popular demand Because I have been procrastinating when i should have been doing more important things, I have decided to do a 'revised edition' of my types of army wives on Facebook list. I have included the original list for those of you who are like me and have bad memories and also for those newbies who also like me, are too lazy to scroll back through my old posts to find it.

The Debater
This wife is never far from an argument and will debate any topic.

The Overly Sensitive
Take offense to even the most tame of comments. Their Messages folder most likely is full of complaints they have sent to group administrators.

The 5 Second Army Wife

This wife has been living this lifestyle for less than 12 months and love to tell anyone who will listen that they are an Army Wife. Whether their partner has just joined up, or they have just hooked up with an already serving member, the 5 Second Army Wife can fall into 1 of 2 sub-categories:

The Totally Clueless - has trouble comprehending simple army processes and their ignorance often leads them to spout pearls of wisdom like "the army sucks" and "they are being unfair with our defacto application".

The 5 second going on 5 year wife -  they think they already know everything about being an Army Wife and are often known to dish out advice to others on topics they know nothing about.

The Passive Aggressive
This wife won't participate in debates by commenting but rather just by 'liking' other people's comments.

The Power Tripping Admin
Known for their fondness for the delete button. Views their role to be of the highest importance most likely because they are lacking same in real life.

The Look at Me
This wife is always posting about some sort of drama in her life, usually just to get some attention.

The TMI (too much information)
Guilty of giving out too much information on a range of topics from their sex life / relationships to their health issues.

The Jackpot
This is a wife who falls into 3 or more of the above categories. You know you should just ignore her but she is like a car crash - you can't help but watch!

The Golden Oldie
Like the name suggests, this wife belongs to the older generation of army wives. She usually likes to precede any post with something like "back in my day" or I'm an army bride of 25 years so..."

The Army Brat Turned Army Wife
Pretty self-explanatory. Sometimes a bit similar to the Golden Oldie in that they like to precede any post or comment with a declaration of how long they were an army brat.

The Block-a-holic
This wife will Block anyone who offends her or disagrees with her. If you don't think you know any Block-a-holics, it is probably because they have already blocked you!

The Opsec Nazi
See this blog post by a friend of mine. She explains it all brilliantly!

The Housing Hater
Recognisable by their constant complaints about their issues with DHA and the 'awful' house they are 'forced' live in. (Get excited readers, I am dedicating a whole blog post to this type of wife in the near future.)

The Negative Nancy
This type of wife often asks for advice but always shoots down any response given to her. If anyone shares a problem, you can guarantee that a Negative Nancy will argue that her problem is worse.

Comment below or on my Facebook page if you think there is any other types missing from my list!

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  1. HAHAHAHA! but excuse me....did you miss my post about blocking?!?! nothing wrong with blocking people :P Think you might need to add "The sooky la la" recognised as the person who has a big whinge because they think someone blocked them and proceed to carry on about how spineless and cowardly that person is....never mind the fact that they JUST DON'T LIKE YOU SO THEY DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU DRIVELING CRAP EVERYDAY!

    aside from that...great post...again ;)

  2. You forgot 'The Hater' - The Army Wife who gets her hate on someone else and continually harasses them from page to page. When they get blocked by the victim they either create another fake Facebook account or they move on to find their next victim. The are often friends with another type of wife 'The BandWagoner' - She follows The Hater from page to page backing up their mindless drivel and liking all their comments. These are the ones that create 'The Blockers' in the first place.

    1. Good ones! I will have to add them next time I update the list :-)