Friday, 11 May 2012

Mums the word

Mothers Day. A day of blissful relaxation, breakfast in bed and maybe some new slippers right? Ummm... no. For most of us, Mother's Day is often just another 'special day' that our husbands are away for. Or if your other half is like mine, he has probably forgotten it anyway. But as you know, I'm not into taking the Pity Train to Woe-Is-Me-Town so instead I have decided that I am going to use Mother's Day to celebrate the fact that I have made it through another year without selling my kids on eBay and to reminisce on some of my Mother of the Year moments for the past 12 months.

Mother of the Year moment #1
I took my son to school on a Public Holiday. Lucky I noticed the lack of people when we got there so I turned around and brought him home.

Mother of the Year moment #2
I fed my fussy child Weetbix for breakfast, lunch & dinner because I just couldn't be bothered arguing with him that day.

Mother of the Year moment #3
Asked my son to go and get the mail and then proceeded to start closing the garage door because it makes me laugh when I watch him scramble to get the mail and then try to run back inside before the door shuts. (OK, I must admit that I still do that regularly because it's just too funny and he just never learns!).

I'd love to hear all of your Mother of the Year moments (so I don't feel alone in the failure category lol).

Happy Mothers Day!

Until next time,

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  1. I once had my teenage daughters named called over a major shopping center PA system...Because she didn't want to come home!!!!

    They both have gone to school in babydoll PJ pants because they had no clean undie....(It was all under their bed)...