Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Pretty please...

Morning all! No ranting from me today. Instead, I have a request.

I often see comments about my latest blog post on Facebook groups but I am can't really respond without giving up my identity so I would love it if you could give me feedback either via the comments section on my actual blog or via my Facebook page (click here to 'Like' my page if you haven't already). If you comment via my actual blog can stay anonymous if you wish, which is only fair seeing how I am choosing to do the same.

I love getting feedback (both positive & NEGATIVE) so please, lay it on me! Give me all you've got!

Until next time,



  1. sounds like the same groups:

  2. I realize you also read the other blogs, RAW and possibly the above mentioned blog. Comments were recently posted on both of this blogs in regards to civil and criminal defamation laws as well as the misguided preconceived idea that there is freedom of speech in australia (when in actual fact there is not except in reference to political commentary) and I wondered if you were aware of these points and whether you will go back over your posts and moderate them to bring them in line with these laws? Unfortunately the above mentioned blog in the previous comment box has removed its content entirely after these points were raised so you may not be able to read the comments made in their entirety, but as I stated on that particular blog, I am not making these points in direct relation to things that have been said on the blogs per say, but in conjunction with the flagrant misuse of the term 'freedom of speech' that seems to be thrown around by people within the Facebook groups.

    1. I haven't actually read the comments on either blog however I won't be moderating anything I have written in the past, nor do I intend to change my writing style in the future. I'm sure if anyone is concerned that I am writing about them then they are more than welcome to contact me and if they can firstly prove that I am actually writing about them and secondly if they can prove that my alleged defamation of character has caused harm in some way, then and only then, will I consider amending any of my posts.

      Good luck with your campaign to educate the Facebook community.

  3. Thanks for responding to my comment so politely. And I applaud your conviction to stand by your blog (even anonymously, we all need to protect ourselves or so it seems). I do hope that some of the FB community out there do heed the message though. There is nothing to be gained by anyone if all the groups end up as one big slanging match. And I apologize if my comment came across with a bitchy undertone (and I upon re-reading it I believe it did come across that way) but I really do want people to take it into consideration that we do not have free speech and we do not have the right to make threats against people, their families, their livelihoods or insult them in a public forum. Unless these people are in the habit of standing up in the middle of a cafe and pointing the finger at random people to insult, really Facebook should not be the place to do it either.