Friday, 26 July 2013

Something a little warm & fuzzy

While most of us are shivering through winter, I thought I'd post something a bit warm and fuzzy to help warm you up a bit. It is a story from a fellow army wife (taken from her website here).

Our Story … This is a lot easier for me to do over a coffee and a Tim Tam, writing it makes it so hard.
As you can imagine I really can’t go into too much detail but a small gist and some links will put things into place.
Sound asleep and the home phone rings, its DoD. I’m told that there has been a accident. I said there are no accidents over there but incidents. I was told that Andrew had been hurt but he was OK and being operated on shortly. I was numb. I was composed, yet there was screaming in my head. I walked into my mother’s room (we were visiting interstate) and collapsed on the floor a blubbering mess. I couldn't process what was happening all I could do is cry. A few hours past and the next call came from DoD Media wanting to take a statement, I needed time and wanted a few more days.
More hours past and finally Andrew was able to call home from the hospital over there. He was groggy and not making any sense but just to be able to hear his voice was the most amazing thing.
April 2007 a Roadside Bomb blew up his ASLAV – Andrew was the driver. He pulled himself out of the vehicle while he was on fire and attempted to put out his own flames. This was not working so he threw himself over the side and landed in a body of water that extinguished the rest. He then crawled dragging his legs to the back where he met with the other two boys in the LAV.
A US Chopper then took him to base hospital where the first lot of operations started.
Andrew suffered 26 individual injuries from burns to breaking bones, lacerations and more.
He had an amazing team look after him there and here in AU and if it wasn't for a certain someone he would not be here today, I hold her so close to our hearts and she has had the biggest impact on our lives, love and respect “Mum” (Those who know Mum will understand that they have a little bit of her in their heart)
It has been a long journey for Andrew, he had to learn to walk again. One year and one day after the blast he ran up Anzac Pde towards the Memorial in Canberra holding the Beijing Olympic Torch representing ADF and Samsung.
We have had struggles every day and without the support of our friends and family and the wider defence community I think I would have crumbled into a heap.
This now, with Australian Military Family Medallions we can give back to you all and support an amazing organization so that they can keep supporting our wounded.
So please take the time to check out Australian Military Family Medallions and support the great work they are doing.
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