Saturday, 31 December 2011

It's that time again

So Christmas is done and dusted for another year. Presents have been played with. Too much food and drink has been consumed. But there is no post Christmas relaxing in this household this year because it is that time again. Yep you guessed it - my husband has a new posting which means it's moving time! Yay!

Before each move I always tell myself that I'm going to be so organised this time and I'm not going to leave everything to the last minute, but I still always manage to be up til all hours the night before pre-pack, trying to get the house ready. But no, not this time. This time I am going to be Super Army Wife. Clothes will be packed away neatly. Trampolines will be dismantled before the removalists arrive. I WILL have the fridge cleaned properly so it won't have mould growing in it by the time it arrives at our new house (that's what happens when you leave those sorts of jobs to the men grrrr!). You would think that with this being our 6th move I would be all over this process by now but I still learn something new each move. We have come a long way since our first disastrous move all those years ago. The first lesson I ever learnt was not to leave the packing of clothes to my husband. He packed everything while I was at work and it wasn't until the truck was leaving our driveway with all our gear on board that he realised he had forgotten to leave me any clothes to wear on our 4 day trip to the new location!

Right - I'm off to get organised. Oh, and I just found an important job that has to be done before we move. There are a few opened bottles of alcohol that can't be packed. I hate to see wastage :-). Besides, what sort of Super Army Wife would I be if I didn't 'organise' those bottles???

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  1. I think posting times are the best time to test your relatoion ship!! We had the removalist booked for our receiving location, not our posting one! So on the morning of our prepack we didn't have a removalist!! It is hard enough with just my husband and I, I couldnt imagine having to do it with kids as well!!!