Friday, 16 December 2011

Things Facebook has taught me about Army Wives

UPDATE!!! Just Another Army Wife Blog now has a Facebook page :-) Check it out here!

Ah Facebook! I must confess that I am a Facebook tragic. I often wonder how much cleaner my house would be if Facebook had never been invented. Even though Facebook steals my time and often is the cause of many late nights, it has taught me a few things, especially about Army Wives.

Before Facebook you had fellow army wife friends scattered all over the country and in most cases, once you left a posting, there wasn't much further contact with them until of course you met up again in another posting location a few years later. Now, with a few clicks you can stay in contact no matter where they are and you can jump on any number Defence support groups and communicate with hundreds of other wives all around Australia.

But with these support groups have come some new breeds of Army Wives. So this is my breakdown on the types of Army Wives on Facebook:

The Debater
This wife is never far from an argument and will debate any topic.

The Overly Sensitive
Takes offense to even the most tame of comments. Their Messages folder most likely is full of complaints they have sent to group admins.

The 5 Second Army Wife
This wife has been living this lifestyle for less than 12 months and loves to tell anyone who will listen that they are an Army Wife. Whether their partner has just joined up, or they have just hooked up with an already serving member, the 5 Second Army Wife can fall into 1 of 2 sub-categories:

The Totally Clueless - has trouble comprehending simple army processes and their ignorance often leads them to spout pearls of wisdom like "the army sucks" and "they are being unfair with our defacto application".

The 5 second going on 5 year wife - they think they already know everything about being an Army Wife and are often known to dish out advice to others on topics they know nothing about.

The Passive Aggressive
This wife won't participate in debates by commenting but rather just by 'liking' other people's comments.

The Power Tripping Admin
Known for their fondness of the delete button. Views their role to be of the highest importance most likely because they are lacking same in real life.

The Look at Me
This wife is always posting about some sort of drama in her life, usually just to get some attention.

The TMI (too much information)
Guilty of giving out too much information on a range of topics from their sex life / relationships to their health issues.

The Jackpot
This is a wife who falls into 3 or more of the above categories. You know you should just ignore her but she is like a car crash - you can't help but watch!

So they are my types of Facebook Army Wives. Some of us (myself included) know that we have probably dipped into those categories from time to time. If you were offended by any of the above, then chances are I was talking about you! So lighten up and remember there is a great big real world outside of Facebook - so start living in it!

I better go, this blogging thing is seriously interfering with my Facebook time ;-P

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  1. Absolutely Brilliant!!!
    I could put names to every category.
    I hope to see you add to this, very funny yet so true :)

  2. Sensational! This is sooo true!

  3. Far out, so glad that Army Mums never got a mention, coz as we already know - we are perfect, if you need any proof, just look at what we have produced...roflmao....

  4. Great!! So true...although you must have left out a group lol the "normal" ones :P as I couldn't find myself in there.